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PURPOSE SERIES: Seasonless pieces

blog_seasonless collections_drawing

I'm not actually showing a new collection this autumn-winter.

There are no new pieces. This time I decided to focus on my and your favourite pieces from previous collections. Yes, there is always the pressure to show new things, but as a slow fashion brand, it's in my core and my philosophy to create less collections. I want to show that we can wear most of our clothes through all the years.

This time I want to offer the same pieces and show that they are timeless because my aim...

PURPOSE SERIE: Made-to-order

Daniela Salazar label

Modern style with purpose.

Last October, I changed the slogan to communicate the purpose behind every step and decision for my brand, to show you how each one of them is special. Finally, after all the work for the Spring launch, I have some time to write about it and explain the reasons behind this decision.

This time I want to explain the reasons why I have chosen a Made-to-order production as a way to create a more sustainable business model.

When I started, I decided to have in-stock...