I was doing some research in the library to work on the theme for the next winter collection and that made me think that I still haven’t explained the inspirations for my first collection – summer 2016. Sorry about that! But it has been a lot of work since the launch of the brand and I forget a few things on the way (working on that and making to-do lists like crazy!) Either way, I still think it is a good moment for this, as it is the beginning of summer and finally the sunny days are here.  

Searching for a theme for the summer collection was a hard and long process, mainly because it was the first collection for my own brand and thus needed to represent the style and idea behind it all. As it happens with many hard decisions, sometimes the answer is the easiest or most obvious one. So I ended up doing what naturally came to me.  

There’s a beach, easygoing feeling inspired by my Latin-American roots. Every vacation, we used to spend visiting our family on a small island in the Caribbean named Margarita, so my childhood memories are full with light cotton clothes worn by the women in my family. At the same time, I wanted to capture a feel-good mood with my clothes, playing with my love for colours. Sorbet shades, vibrant but at the same time soft and fresh, were used to represent the easygoing and colourful Latin-American vibes.  

On one hand, my aim was to create chic and uncomplicated clothes: fresh, effortless and comfortable pieces to wear at the beach or, at the same time, at a summer party. On the other hand, the construction of the pieces is structured and minimal, with curved lines and waves as a feminine detail on hems.

* Blog post originally posted on July 6, 2016.

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