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I'm not actually showing a new collection this autumn-winter.

There are no new pieces. This time I decided to focus on my and your favourite pieces from previous collections. Yes, there is always the pressure to show new things, but as a slow fashion brand, it's in my core and my philosophy to create less collections. I want to show that we can wear most of our clothes through all the years.

This time I want to offer the same pieces and show that they are timeless because my aim is to design clothes that last, and not designing to make my last season collection irrelevant. These are not garments for just one season, and then to get rid of them when the season is over. These are garments to be part of your wardrobe and your life, a piece that you will have for years and you will love to wear every new season.

I did this during summer 2018 and it was a good opportunity to see that these pieces can last, and it's also a great opportunity to work on and improve other areas of the brand, like the website and branding.

Changing clothing lines less often

To be honest, I was also a bit exhausted and didn't want to create new things just because the fashion system tells me to do a number of collections per year. I don't want to design something that I don't feel happy with and won't make a perfect addition to my collections. I had lots of inspirations through the year, and as a creative person I'm constantly thinking of new ideas. But I prefer to have enough time, be completely happy with the design and add it when it feels best.

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Timeless clothes, giving importance to versatility and a higher quality

Most of the pieces in my collections have a lot of versatility and can work perfectly for this new season. Of course, during the years a few pieces won't work out and they will be changed, improved or eliminated. My personal challenge is to be able to show my pieces from previous collections as if they were new, with a new inspiration, mixing them with other pieces, or also showing that summer pieces can be layered to create autumn and winter looks, because the idea of quality over quantity does not only apply to the pieces, but to a whole collection and season, too.

On slowing down consumerism

There needs to be a shift in the industry and a different approach to consumption. During my work in fashion companies, we cared more about or were more excited to create new things for each season and found it boring when the sales and marketing department told us to redesign the bestsellers, mostly to make profit. Now as sustainability is more important for me, I see that it should be the opposite. We should create bestsellers, classic and functional pieces that are in our collection all the time, year after year. As creatives, we have the need to create new things, but they should be the minority.

Because „modern style with purpose“ is not just a slogan, I really want this to have an impact on every aspect of my brand.

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