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Last October, I changed the slogan to communicate the purpose behind every step and decision for my brand, to show you how each one of them is special. Finally, after all the work for the Spring launch, I have some time to write about it and explain the reasons behind this decision.

This time I want to explain the reasons why I have chosen a Made-to-order production as a way to create a more sustainable business model.

When I started, I decided to have in-stock products. This was mainly because when you start, you want to do the things that we're used to or that we see that work for others, so it seemed logical for me to start my brand by creating a stock of products. Because I started really small, I chose to produce only a few sizes and designs. After a while, I had a big amount of stock left and I didn't want that for my brand in the future. As a small brand, this can cost a lot and you're left with boxes full of products. Even more if you're just starting and still don't have that many sales. At the end of a season, you have more the feeling that you need to sell just to get rid of all the pieces and not because of the happiness that brings you producing each piece. With time I re-evaluated, decided to change this and then it all clicked. Sometimes I think if I could start again, I would have done made-to-order from the beginning.

Daniela Salazar sewing

It's a process I love, so much simpler and efficient. It gives me more control over my workflow and I think that's very important as a business owner. Yes, it can be hard to keep up with daily workloads when there are weeks with lots of orders. The brand will probably grow slower, as I don't have big wholesalers or stores with my collections. But I see its full potential, and reaching each customer directly and intentionally is one of the things I love most about my job. This brand is my longtime dream and I want to do it the best I can.

It not only makes me happy, but I believe it feels better as a customer to receive something knowing it was made for you. I also believe it's a way to turn us back into a more natural buying process. You love something, you order it and it's done for you. Your piece will take a few days to be ready and this makes you remember that not everything is done fast like we're used to nowadays. The production of a garment is very technical and a work of precision. So we show more respect for the process.

Dressing all kinds of women is also one of my goals, and having a made-to-order production gives me the possibility to offer more sizes and to give you more options. I don't need to guess which pieces or sizes will sell best. This lets me add extra sizes for your favourite pieces and slowly keep adding more for the rest. As a small business, I can only afford small quantities of fabric. This type of production helps me to use these materials in a more thoughtful way. For example, If I have one roll of fabric and I would produce pants, tops and dresses with it, but end up selling only tops, I could have used the fabric of the pants and dresses production for more tops instead. With made-to-order I can do that.

I believe small steps can lead to big changes, and I try to do this by having a more sustainable made-to-order production and valuing the pieces I create for you.

Daniela Salazar studio

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